Consoles - PC


Meet the Merlies, a tiny birds community trying to find harmony in a world where the remains of an ancient civilisation are still visible. Build your village ingeniously, gather your birdies and explore this way-too-big world in this cute post-apocalyptic adventure ! Ready to spread your wings?

The Merlies is a poetic adventure game that takes place in a gorgeous, microscopic universe.
Lead your little birds community in a collective adventure to organize their society and find good balance among the remains of a forgotten civilization. Build your village ingeniously, gather your fellow Merlies to explore the world and uncover its secrets. Ready to take flight on this journey?


In coproduction with ARTE France
With the support of CNC

Nased on an original idea by : Cosmografik
Lead dev : André Berlemont, Lorris Giovagnoli
Narration : Antoine Maurel
Original music : Xavier Thiry
Narrative Design : Raquel de Miranda
Tech-art : Vincent Rabatel
Concept artist : Céline Veltman
Lead 2D art: Ulysse
Animations : Dylan Mailfert
Producers : Adrien Vert, Olivier Bruno

Releasing in 2025