In June 2017, New York-based artists programmers Matt Hall and John Watkinson created 10,000 unique digital avatars in a Brooklyn basement. The avatars were randomly generated into NFT, with the help of an algorithm, and were distributed for free on the blockchain. At the same time in L.A, Robness, a young, uncompromising artist, discovers Bitcoin and walks away from almost everything to move to crypto-art, feeling that this new space is a huge opportunity for artistic freedom.
Barely five years later, Matt and John’s candid experimentation is valued at several billion dollars. The creators are compared to the Andy Warhols of the 21st century and the most prestigious auction houses are competing to sell their pieces. On the otherhand, Robness uses his art to fight those who try to bring the old-world vision on the blockchain. Matt, John, and Robness are the first crypto-artists to have their works featured in the most prestigious museums in Paris, L.A, and Miami. A new digital world is born, and their lives have been profoundly changed by it. Through these characters and their extraordinary journey, this movie tells the story of one of the biggest counter-cultures of the 21st century, quickly infiltrated by speculators and start-up VCs. The art market on steroïds, symbolizing an era where creation, technology, and finance collide for both good and bad.


A 82 minutes independent documentary
Written by : Hervé Martin Delpierre & Marc Lustigman
Directed by : Hervé Martin Delpierre
Music : Joseph Trapanese
Editing : Maël Lenoir

Coproduced by : ARTE France
Associate producer: TokenAngels
With the support of CNC - National Center for Cinema